I was going to go to a Polyamory sex class workshop this week but it was canceled due to a low number of people signing up. What a bummer. They said it’s probably due to it being so close to Christmas. I’m still surprised only a few signed up since so many people signed up for the last Poly class that it sold out–no more chairs available to accommodate everyone so I assumed everyone who didn’t attend that class, would have signed up for this one. They plan on rescheduling the class next year some time I was told.

I plan on attending this other sexy get-together next week. I’ll let you know how it goes. It should be a lot of fun!

Physical Christmas cards sent out (in no particular order):

1. To ImLive. I’ve sometimes wondered what I would be doing if I wasn’t working full time at ImLive. Well, as long as it’s not mainstream work!

2. To my favorite local sex shop. I MUST go back there soon.  

3. And of course, to Jay but I’ll give him his.

4. To my ex-boyfriend of 10 years and his family.

I’m getting a deck of X-rated cards for myself from Adam and Eve. The women on them look hot.

I still have one more chick lit book to arrive for myself, but it’s not necessarily a Christmas gift; I’m always ordering chick lit books for my online book group for us all to read, or chick lit books that I just want to read. I still haven’t had the chance to read any of author Emma Holly’s X-rated chick lits; hopefully I’ll read the two books I have of hers soon.

Jay asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I mentioned I’d love the complete set of The Prisoner television series (only 17 episodes). It’s an old British TV series that is part psychological, part sci-fi, and part drama. It has a lot of allegory in it. The Prisoner was truly ahead of its time when it was originally broadcast in the late sixties.

I think Jay’s also going to get me one of those Nano pods–whatever you call them. I’m not really into electronic gadgets.

This weekend, I plan on going to at least one resale shop to check out Christmas items for the sure-to-come ImLive Christmas Party. Some hosts are already wearing sexy Christmas clothes, which is a good idea. Lots of red. I want to find some cool Christmas props too for my adult cam show.

Once again, Adam and Eve delivers up a sexy good newsletter in their December Christmas edition of Forbidden Fruit

I love the Jay Leno joke–too funny!

The Stocking Stuffers list is interesting:

The Color Me Sexy Crayons would be great for ImLive Parties.  

I wonder does the sex candy taste good? I have never tried any “sex” candy before.

I would never use vibrators again; they temporarily desensitize my clit, forcing me to use stronger and stronger vibes to get off. No thanks. I do use vibrators in my live adult shows, but I never turn them on.

I’d LOVE to have Carmen’s Crotchless Panties–or any kind of crotchless panties! I have several pairs of crotchless pantyhose, which was very expensive but worth it.

I just read Holiday Funny in the newsletter. Wow! How cool! You gotta love those X-rated fonts!