This is partially in response to a reader named Tiye who posted a comment on Nov. 4th about being an adult webcam performer.

This blogging thing is new for me and believe it or not, I just found the main page for viewing all the comments! So I hope I won’t overlook another one again. Sorry about that!

Tomorrow is the weekly ImLive Party which every host should participate in. If nothing else, it gets you the best position in the ImLive categories (not counting Happy Hour hosts). You need not go out and spend a lot of money at regular retail stores for props for the party; just find a great resale shop and save money.

The three important things to remember is: always have good lighting, a fantastic, cheerful personality for the guests, and always work hard at marketing and promoting yourself at ImLive. You mentioned being a host already; please follow as much advice as ImLive tells you at their website. The tips are awesome.

Also, get advice from other hosts like me, especially the Hall of Famers. Thoroughly check out ImLive for advice and tips. Become a member yourself to find out what the guests get to see.

Be patient. There will be slow times, but many busy times too. The busy should definitely outweigh the slow. Experiment with days and times to find out what’s the best time for you to be on live. This varies with hosts, depending on your personal offline schedule too of course.

Fill out your profile completely. I don’t think most guests read it, but some do and they like someone who is not like everyone else; be creative. Say the weirdest and sexiest things about yourself. Check out other profiles for inspiration but don’t actually copy others’ profile. Always be unique.

Always keep busy doing something to increase traffic for yourself: Create webpages, email….With regards to promoting yourself, you can ALWAYS stay busy. Check around the Internet for other ideas.

Read entrepreneurial magazines and sexy modeling magazines to get ideas about marketing/promoting and how to pose professionally hot for the camera. Make a lot of pics. The webcam to use is a personal thing; I use an inexpensive Logitech Orbit cam for now, and it helps pay the rent just fine.

While waiting for a guest, it’s good to find something to do: listen to the radio or Cd’s, watch TV or a movie on DVD, write, read, anything to keep from being bored. Do housework if you can stay by the cam!

I hope this has been a help to you Tiye, and others as well who might read this. I think being an adult webcam girl is one of the best jobs around. No boss, no commuting, no office politics, no experience necessary!

What more would a person want?