What Mistress Matisse said about writing a book after she has retired from her main work as a sex worker got me thinking: Maybe I should write about my life as a webcam host when I’m no longer stripping for a living.

By the way, Mistress Matisse’s post is wonderful. I LOVE it when people say things like she said: “This is my career….This is what I do, I like it, and I’ll be doing it until I’m quite old and the phone doesn’t ring anymore.” YOU GO GIRL!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been around people who tell me, ‘You’re not supposed to really love your job. A job is for one thing: to make money. Having fun is for when you leave work.’ People think I’m naive for only choosing jobs I love doing, so it’s always nice to hear someone that feels the same way I do when it comes to really liking one’s career, and especially loving the adult industry.

Getting back to Mistress Matisse inspiring me to write my memoirs as a sex worker, it would be nice to know that after I’ve finished this line of work as an adult cam host, I can make more money from this by writing and publishing a book about it. That’s the way we entrepreneurs work: We are ALWAYS thinking of ways to make money. Hey, we have to. We have no pensions, no boss paying our health insurance….We have to always keep our brains working to come up with future ideas to survive financially. Living this was sounds frightening to most people, but to us entrepreneurs, it’s a challenge that we enjoy.

I just started reading the blog, la fille mariee (how do you pronounce that?). She has also recently written a great post about slutiness (BTW, I’ve done 5 of the things she listed as very slutty things she’s done), and how it may be defined in a positive way or negative way. Well, I say it depends on what society you live in, but most would say that she IS being a slut in the most negative way, regardless of she mentioning her “redeeming qualities”, which is nice of her to add. Most people who write this kind of article/blog, goes on and on telling everyone how slutty they are and nothing more about themselves; that’s OK, but it’s nice to hear other things about people too. A slut after-all, is not always being one 24/7, like mariee so nicely reminds us. Being a slut is wonderful, but being a well-rounded (no pun intended) slut is better.

The word, slut, in and of itself, only defines the sometimes behavior of some people. It’s whether or not one thinks such behavior is “right or wrong” within oneself, that’s an issue. And a person is free to think whatever they want about us sluts. No law against that one way or the other. 

I’ve always liked the word slut; how it’s defined. I think slut has a cute sound to it. 🙂